Victoria Tomlinson’s 5 tips for a fuller working life

Entrepreneur Victoria Tomlinson is the founder of Next-Up (external website), an online membership service which helps individuals rework their skills and find new opportunities in later careers.

“These days, people often work into their 70s and beyond,” says Victoria. “The challenge is how you continue with fulfilling work later on in life.

“We know that feeling useful and relevant matters and having a purpose is key, particularly as we get older. And there are real financial benefits too.

“Here are my five tips for a fuller working life.”

1. Think about the skills you’ve built up

Think about the skills you’ve built up, especially the ones you enjoy doing. Choose three and think “How can I keep using these?”

Experience and perspective are valuable assets, so make the most of sharing these with your employer and colleagues by mentoring others, for example.

2. Identify the transferable ones

Most skills are transferable – particularly if you’re good at planning, organising and communicating. So be confident and remember that working differently in your current job, or moving into a new role or even a new career, is very achievable.

3. Be open-minded

Be open minded about different ways of working. Apprenticeships aren’t just for young people, and self-employment can give you the chance to build on past experience. Working flexibly or part-time can give you the best of both worlds, and help balance other parts of your life, like spending time with your family.

4. Stay tech-savvy

Stay in touch with technology. Every time you think “I don’t understand this”, do some research online to find the answer, and learn to do something new each week. You will surprise yourself how satisfying it is – and you’ll impress the youngsters in your family!

5. Get out of your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone regularly. Start a conversation with someone you don’t know, watch something different on TV, or read something that you think you are going to hate. And make yourself find three good things about the experience!

Even doing this can give you fresh ways of looking at life – and you might just discover something new.