Giuseppe’s advice on planning your retirement

As the financial director of Bromborough Paints in Liverpool, Giuseppe Alfonso knows a thing or two about financial planning. He’s clear on what he wants from retirement, and how he’s going to achieve it.

He says: “I have checked my State Pension online – it’s very simple to do. I have a good pension pot from paying in to workplace pensions for 15 years.

“I’ve also got 36 years of working and paying National Insurance. But I’m not relying on just having the State Pension – I see it as a top-up. To me, it’s a bonus.”

Giuseppe also makes sure all of the staff at Bromborough Paints see the benefit of saving for retirement, and all new staff at the company are automatically enrolled into its workplace pension scheme.

“My advice to people is ‘live for today, but put a little bit away for tomorrow as well’,” he says. “If you do that over 30 years, 40 years, you’ll have an amazing retirement pot.

“My mortgage is paid off, I’ve got a pension pot I can rely on, and I’ve got my State Pension to look forward to further down the road. I’ve got enough in place that I’ll have choices in my retirement.”

It’s easy to check your State Pension online (external website). We’ve also got lots of help and information about how to get the retirement you want.