Martin is thinking about his lifestyle in retirement

Martin is a sales rep for Bromborough Paints in Liverpool. He’s been in the company pension scheme for 11 years, and is putting provisions in place to ensure he gets the retirement he wants.

“Making sure that my retirement fund is well topped-up is a priority for me, and I take it very seriously,” Martin says. “The State Pension is a part of that, but I’ve invested a little bit more to make sure I’ve got enough in retirement.”

He hasn’t always been careful in planning for retirement, and for a long time he didn’t have a pension scheme at all.

“Making sure that my retirement fund is well topped-up is a priority for me.”

“I was living abroad for a long time, and I didn’t pay into a pension fund there,” Martin continues. “So, in order to catch up, I’ve increased how much I save into my pension. Luckily my employer matches my contribution increases too, which is a massive help in catching up that gap.”

It’s easy to take Martin’s lead and to plan ahead for later life.

There’s lots of information on this website that can help you to get the retirement you want, from having more in your pension pots to working differently and how getting a mid-life MOT can help you take stock of your work, wealth and wellbeing.

A good place to start is to Check your State Pension on GOV.UK – just click the link below.

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