Your pension. Your stories.

Millions of people across the country are finding clever and easy ways to plan for their future. Some of them have shared their stories in order to help you with your own retirement planning.

It pays to get ahead, so why not start today by reading their top tips and guidance:

“I’m excited about moving into a second career”

Andy served in the Royal Engineers for 13 years before moving into a career in construction. He’s now looking ahead to lay the foundations for his future.


“Passing on my experience to others in the office is very satisfying”

Lorraine explains what it’s like to be an older worker with caring responsibilities.

Watch Ros talk about how she’s preparing for retirement

“You have to plan for your changing needs”

David is two years into his retirement, and is now enjoying an active retirement.

“If I want to enjoy my retirement, I need to save now”

Carl has been working for Boots for the last 17 years. He is putting provisions in place to ensure he gets the retirement he wants.

Hear Giuseppe’s advice on saving for your retirement